The "Diversity" of Diversity Japan

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The Founding Principles of the Institute for
Human Diversity Japan

Here at Diversity Japan, we use "diversity" to describe a community or organization where "Each member can individually contribute their part to a better tomorrow." We are a non profit organization working to support the successful development of communities and organizations fully adapted to human diversity.

Diversity is commonly known as the principle that each person should be allowed or encouraged to fully realize their potential, regardless of their gender, age, race, ethnicity, origin, nationality, disability, language or culture. Here at Diversity Japan, we further use "diversity" to describe a community or organization where "Each member can individually contribute their part to a better tomorrow." We support the development and reforms necessary to make communities and organizations flexible enough for the full participation of their diverse membership.

The "Diversity" of Diversity Japan

As the demands of our society and life styles diversify, an organization with diverse human resources possesses a distinct advantage for providing the services that its customers demand. The value of diversity is something that is best learned through experience and our experiences living together with, supporting the child-rearing needs of, and being cared for, in-turn, by foreign born members of our society have made it clear that diverse human resources will only increase in value in the future. We believe that "a diverse organization is a supple and strong one." It is vital to implement a strategy to incorporate a diverse membership into your organization.

At Diversity Japan, we do not limit ourselves to working towards equal employment opportunities or encouraging people to think about their work-life balance. We try to offer a "prescription" for those seeking to take advantage of the inherent opportunities offered by diversity to make their community or organization more "supple and strong."

Diversity Japan Working Together with the Community

Diversity is not something that an organization can promote alone. Efforts must be integrated with the community. In order to increase equal opportunity hiring, regardless of education, nationality, or disability, for instance, employers must learn to recognize the human potential of individual employees, and address issues such as recruitment, the work environment and a structure to support and protect the diversity of your working environment. In concrete terms, human resource policy manuals must be created and the work environment itself may require improvements. In order to tackle this wide variety of issues, outside expertise may be necessary, and the path to success only truly opens when the community becomes invested in your efforts. Within the community there exists a variety of NPOs that support the integration of people who have disabilities, women and other minorities into the workplace. With the cooperation of these organizations it is possible to create a workplace where each person’s diversity is fully appreciated.

At the Institute of Human Diversity Japan, we also have high expectations for the role played by local governments. Local governments can play an important role supporting diversity in the workplace and throughout the community by working together with NPOs and companies to create a comprehensive bidding system for public works that takes into account the employment and working conditions of women and persons with disabilities.

The Institute for Human Diversity Japan Commitment to Diversity

Diversity Japan believes that the successful promotion of diversity in our community relies not only on the efforts of interested companies, but also on the successful cooperation of companies, NPOs and local governments. The role of Diversity Japan is to support and create these community partnerships in their efforts for a brighter and more colorful future.

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